5 of the best golf courses in the Pyrenees Atlantiques


I remember well the first time I picked up a golf club, aged just 9 years old. At first it felt clumsy in my hands, but then I felt the weight of the club head, the cold steel shaft and the rubber grip. I realised that golf could be fun.

All of these coures are within 2 hours drive of Secret Pyrenees – meaning it’s more than possible to make a week of epic rounds of golf around the Pyrenees. And of course, don’t forget, there’s always the option of doing a coast to coast golfing trip, sampling a course a day as you make your way from the med to the Atlantic.

Golf de Pau

For the history buffs out there, the Golf de Pau is a bit of a right of passage. The oldest golf club in the world outside of Britain, it’s one of those places that the French like to call ‘incontournable’ or – a must do, as we might say. When it was founded in 18XX it must have been quite a remarkable place. The clubhouse is like stepping into another ear.


Golf de Navarranx




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