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Welcome to Secret Pyrenees

Welcome to Secret Pyrenees – our little slice of adventure paradise in the French Pyrenees.

This is just a little message to say thanks for stopping by our site. It’s very much in a ‘under construction’ stage, but we’re working on making it look as slick as possible, in the high hopes of persuading you to check your calendar and come stay with us in our bed and breakfast in the Pyrenees.

We’ll be updating the site with all sorts of top tips to make your stay in the Pyrenees enjoyable – whether it’s a new cycling route in we’ve just discovered or fabulous local market we just can’t stop ourselves from sharing with you. We’re acutely aware that we’re also writing in English, as there is somewhat of a blackhole of information on this idyllic part of the south west of France for non-French speaking people.

So, stay tuned, stay patient and hopefully we’ll be seeing you soon!

Yours in sport,

Tobias and Zayne


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